Posted by: Anthony Green | July 7, 2010

Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya, Thailand — Recommended

This small hotel is a great place for families with younger kids. The hotel itself is cosy, while having quite a lot of rooms. The lush gardens, with beautiful fluffy rabbits running around, and great pools, mean that it’s a wonderful and safe environment for kids.

From the moment you enter this small resort, you experience a different kind of resort. It’s very cosy, even homely, and this is down in a large part to the owner, Mechai Viravaidya, a renowned social activist (and former politician).

There are 2 pools, and the pick of the rooms for families are those that open onto the kids (Rainforest) pool.

Birds & Bees Rainforest Pool

Birds & Bees Rainforest Pool

The Rainforest  pool is actually 4 small pools joined together of various heights. In the shallowest, covered pool, our 12 month-old could stand, while in the deepest, our 5 year-old son could stand. There are 3 slides, of various heights — nothing too scary — and the pool is, as often as not, full of balls and toys, floating on the top for the kids to play with.

There are covered sitting and lounging areas around the pool that provide some relief from the tropical sun.

Rooms opening onto the Rainforest pool come in a variety of configurations, some with separate kids bedrooms (and bathrooms as well), and are well appointed.

Elsewhere in the resort, there are a variety of room types, including some impressive, large suites above the restaurant, that overlook the sea (and the treetop restaurant).

A larger, deeper, rectangular pool (and jacuzzi) stands at the top of the cliff overlooking the sea. Walking down the steps to the sea (approximately 10 metres) takes you to a semi-private beach, which although shared with guests from the hotel next door, is mercifully free of the antics to be found on other beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien.

Service at the resort is friendly and well-intentioned, but perhaps not up to the standards you would expect in a 4-star property (which is approximately where it is priced).

The restaurant is fine, with standard Thai tourist-friendly fare. While not stunning, the breakfast buffet gives a large choice and the quality is adequate.
The hotel is  between Pattaya and Jomtien, and private enough that it escapes the traps of Pattaya.


  • great pools
  • great family rooms
  • friendly service
  • far from the seedy side of Pattaya


  • service not as slick as some hotels of the same price

All in all, a solid recommendation for families with kids from 2-10 years.


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